An "alliance" is a pactcoalition or friendship between two or more parties, made in order to advance common goals and to secure common interests.   

 Garden State Sports Alliance is a brand new "alliance" of independent sports leagues in New Jersey working together to develop rules, equipment standards and program content that promotes the growth of recreational sports play which represents 95% of participants in the USA. While we don't shy away from tournament play, our focus is on  league play at the recreational level. Our goal is to link the various leagues and organizations operating independently together under one centralized umbrella organization. Garden State Sports Alliance member organizations will have access to affordable insurance, softballs, rule books, umpires,umpire uniforms and insurance, while not being dictated to by a large national association with inflated team  or director membership fees.  Our vision is nothing short of becoming a friendly alliance of league directors running their leagues, their way, with a little help from their friends at GSSA.  Thanks for stopping by!   Have any questions?       

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There are many benefits offered to leagues that join the GSSA family.

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