GSSA Insurance Program

            During the course of the year many questions arise concerning the GSSA insurance program.  The following information is a brief outline of coverage’s and exclusions.  This is not a policy interpretation and only the contract can speak for itself.  

Garden State Sports Alliance partners with SportsNation to provide you with this affordable coverage.

General Liability

Protection Provided – Liability insurance protects the insured party for claims arising out of GSSA operations for bodily injury, property damage, and personal injury, subject to terms and conditions of the policy.

Who is covered – all directors umpires, leagues or association officers and directors, whole acting in that capacity.

Policy Limit – 2 million per occurrence with no aggregate.  The policy would respond to an unlimited number of claims up to 2 million each.

Non-Sanctioned GSSA Events – Does not cover non GSSA events.

Law Suits from Athletic Participants – Covered, this is a crucial coverage, covering our directors and others under the policy.

 Medical Coverage for Participants – Does not cover, but optional team insurance is available to any GSSA registered team.

Occurrence or Claims made form – The GSSA policy is written on an occurrence form.  This is preferred as coverage is not as broad on the claims made form.

 Liquor Liability – Not Covered

Additional Named Insured (Field Owner)

Protection Provided – Liability insurance protects the additional named insured for claims arising out of GSSA operations for bodily injury, property damage, and personal injury, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

What does it mean to be an Additional Named? – When an entity is named as an additional insured, primary liability insurance coverage is provided for that entity.


Who is Eligible? – Any field owner whether it be a city, county , school district, parks department or private complex.

Cost – $60.00 per certificate (per field owner).

Requirements – Coverage is in effect for GSSA sanctioned activities only.  All teams must be registered and all umpires must be registered.

 When is coverage effective?  Upon receipt of application and proper premium by Chappell Insurance.


When Does it Expire?  Coverage expires at the end of the calendar year in which it is written.  It does not cover 12 months from the date of purchase, if purchased after January 1.

Lawsuits from Participants?  Is Covered

Lawsuits from Spectators?  Is Covered

Should a field owner purchase other liability insurance?  Yes.  Coverage is needed for non GSSA events and for off hours when GSSA events are not being held.

Can more than one entity be covered by one certificate? No.  Each entity must be named separately.  However when an entity is named all locations owned by that entity are covered.

What should an additional named insured do when served with a lawsuit? Immediately contact the GSSA Office for instructions.

Team Insurance (Sold per team)

Medical Coverage – Many people are not covered by health insurance.  The GSSA policy becomes primary in the event the injured party has no medical insurance.  If primary coverage is in place, the GSSA policy will respond to the amount unpaid by the primary carrier.

Liability Coverage – Players, coaches, managers, and team sponsors are all at risk of being sued from softball related activities.  The GSSA liability policy provides protection in the event of a lawsuit by a spectator or a participant.  Coverage is provided for legal fees as well as any court judgment up to the policy limit.

Effective Date of Coverage – The day after the postmark date on the envelope received by Chappell Insurance provided application and proper payment is included.

Does GSSA Team Registration Provide Insurance Protection? – No

Does Policy Cover Non GSSA Play? Yes, coverage is provided for any play of amateur softball.

Coverage Not Provided – Eye Glasses and Dental Bridge, Caps and crowns are not covered.


Coverage – GSSA umpires are covered with secondary medical insurance and liability insurance with a 2 million dollar limit per occurrence.  Coverage is in effect for all GSSA Activities.  The policy does cover Non GSSA events.  Travel coverage is not included.

Date of CoverageGSSA umpires are covered from the date of receipt of registration and proper payment at the GSSA office.  Coverage does not begin when collected by an GSSA area director. 

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