Umpire Registration

Registration Year

GSSA  accepts all major credit cards through PayPal.  In order for this transaction to take place PayPal charges a additional processing fee per transaction.  If a refund is needed all monies except this transaction fee will be refunded.

PLEASE READ: The relationship between a registered Umpire and the Garden State Sports Alliance officials association is that of an *Independent Contractor*.  A registered Umpire understands and acknowledges GSSA is not his/her employer and therefore is not responsible for withholding federal, state or local taxes or social security.  As an *independent contractor* an umpire is not entitled to Worker's Compensation coverage.  In consideration for receiving and accepting the opportunities presented by GSSA, the undersigned agrees to be bound by the rules and bylaws of GSSA officials association, including but not limited to conduct on and off the field, job performance, and all disciplinary procedures levied by GSSA.

Umpire liability insurance is available only to registered umpires and is included in annual registration fees. 

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